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about me...

- Ever since I was little I wanted to live in Ireland or Scotland, but that's not exactly the easiest dream to achieve 🙈 My whole life I've been on the lookout for stunning landscapes to transport me to those magical places, and the Pacific Northwest's majestic backdrops do so perfectly!

- I've also always loved the rain and clouds so it's truly been a dream come true to move to Seattle! 

Overall, I am someone who enjoys nothing more than exploring the world with my family, creating beautiful memories, and pursuing my (many) interests. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love every day, and I hope that my work as a photographer will bring joy and happiness to many families for years to come!

A few quick things to help you get to know me better-

- I put my all into anything I do. My version of hell is knowing my potential, but never reaching it, and I never want to wonder if I could have done more. I believe that "If not me, then who?"

hi! i'm ash

My daughter never likes to look at my camera when I try to take her picture. She will look ANYWHERE else, except my lens. Because of this I've adopted a more documentary style in my work and I love to capture the in-between moments, the laughter and the love that makes each family unique, rather than try to get the kids (and Dad!) to just sit and smile.

I've just been inspired by the region's natural beauty and want use it to showcase your family's natural story! 

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